Destiny’s Next Expansion Is The Taken King, To Appear at E3

We’ve covered this story a bunch so really it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Originally, the name The Taken King cropped up when Bungie filed a trademark. Not long after, some promo packaging on Red Bull products revealed the name was probably genuine.

As if that wasn’t enough to confirm the news, the folks over at Kotaku got their hands on marketing materials that state the expansion is indeed named The Taken King and will be out on September 15. What’s more interesting, is that the marketing materials actually reveal what new content will arrive with the next expansion.

What’s New In the Taken King?

Destiny House of Wolves expansion

Apparently, all three classes will be getting a new subclass along with new elemental super abilities. Warlocks will get the arc class which comes with an electrical storm, Hunters will get the void class which comes with a gravity bow, and Titans will get the solar class which comes with a flaming hammer. It looks like Bungie aims to round out the three classes in this expansion.

Of course, The Taken King will include new strikes, story missions, PVP maps, and gear but most importantly a new raid. As previously speculated, players will take on Oryx, the father of Crota. You may recognize Crota as the baddie from The Dark Below’s raid, Crota’s End.

Bungie didn’t add a raid in the recent expansion House of Wolves. Instead, they fleshed out the game content and the world by introducing Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris and much more.

There’s no official count on the number of missions and strikes being added in Taken King, but previous reports claim something like 12 new story missions, four new Strikes, a host of additional PvP content, and a brand new social location.

Considering the new expansion is going to be priced at $40, I sure hope that amount of content is added — otherwise there’s no way to justify the price hike. The Dark Below and House of Wolves are both $20 a piece — unless you purchased the season pass.

Apparently, we’ll see more from Bungie and the upcoming expansion at E3. Stay tuned.

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