How to Watch the Star Wars Battlefront Panel and Gameplay Trailer Reveal

You’ll have to pay close attention to the official Star Wars website for the livestream if you want to watch the Battlefront panel. That will start up at 10AM PST (1PM EST) and the panel isn’t set to take place until a half hour later at 10:30AM PST.

We will embed the video in this post as soon as it goes live.

Update: It’s live!

As for the Battlefront gameplay trailer, you can head on over to the EA Star Wars site if you’re just interested in seeing that. Currently, it’s counting down until when the trailer will be revealed. As of the time of this writing we have about an hour left, so it’s coming real soon!

If you haven’t already, you can check out the other news that just broke about the game. Battlefront will allow players to explore Jakku before The Force Awakens launch. DICE has confirmed that it won’t have a single-player campaign but does include solo, split-screen and online co-op missions.

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