Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Confirmed

We definitely asked for this. 

Gamespot and Kotaku are reporting that a new game in the Deus Ex universe called Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is on it’s way. The story originally started with a leaked rumor but has since been confirmed by Game Informer that the game is indeed happening and will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Square Enix has yet to comment on the game at this time.

What is it about?


Gruff protagonist Adam Jenson will be making a return, but this time leading an international terrorist-hunting team devoted to stopping augmented terrorists. Taking the ending of the last game and the new game’s title into account, it seems that the world now hates transhumans (augs), which could implicate Jensen as well. I’m curious to find out more about the story, as man vs. machine is a huge theme in the Deus Ex universe.

The game is apparently going to be even more open than the last one, which is a good thing. Compared to the original Deus ExHuman Revolution just didn’t quite cut it in terms of open-ended gameplay. It was better than most at giving the player choices, but most of the paths were pretty straightforward. Hopefully Eidos and Square Enix have found a way to open up the environments and gameplay to make it more interesting.

When is it coming out?


Given that we haven’t heard from Square Enix yet, a release date is impossible to pinpoint. I’d say if we’re lucky we’ll get it by fall of this year with a big showing at E3 this year, but we’ll more than likely see it released in 2016 given the fact that we’re just now hearing about it.

When can I find out more about it?


April 9th is the next day you need to worry about if you’re a Deus Ex fan like me. Game Informer will be releasing a ton of information, so make sure to check back with us for analysis of everything Deus Ex. Check out some screenshots and concept art below.





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