E3 2015: What Is the New Xbox One Exclusive Recore, and Who Is the Developer behind It?

A lone girl in the desert, a robotic dog as her only companion. What is this wasteland, how did she get here, and what is that dog of hers?

So, who developed by this?

Developed by Keiji Inafune and Metroid Prime team.

Who’s Keiji Inafune?

He developed Mighty No 9, Dead Rising, and Lost Planet among others.

What do they mean by the Metroid Prime team?

We’re not sure. It could be Retro Studios, or simply the same people who have broken off. Most likely the latter.

What did we see in the trailer?

A lone girl trudges through the desert, just barely escaping a sand storm with her only companion: a robot dog with a glowing core. She reaches a cave, only to be attacked by native creatures. The dog sacrifices itself in a rather spectacular lightshow, killing the creatures but is disabled in the process. It leaves only one thing behind in death: it’s glowing blue core.


Just when you think that’s it, the girl finds the wreck of another robot and puts the core in, activating it. The last thing we see is her telling the robot, “Welcome back, buddy.”

Where can I see the trailer?

Right here:

When is the game coming out?

We’re not sure. We’ll let you know the minute they announce the release date.

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