Did Spider-Man Have a Cameo in Daredevil?

Some sharp-eyed fans believe they spotted an easter egg in Daredevil, or more specifically they think they found a tie to Spider-Man. If so, it’s pretty cool. Man, I love easter eggs.

Where Is the Easter Egg?

Spidey Up Close Daredevil Easter Egg

The secret shows up in Episode 12, which is titled ‘The Ones We Leave Behind’.

[SPOILERS AHEAD]: You’ve been warned!

It appears when Ben is taking a drink from his glass, staring at his computer. In the scene, he’s getting ready to write a blog, in order to unearth everything bad about Fisk. The scene breezes by quickly so if you’re not paying attention it’s easy to miss.

In one of the newspapers posted on Ben’s pinboard — the far right one at the center-top — there’s an image of what looks to be a superhero. It’s difficult to make out, but it looks a lot like Spider-Man. At first glance I personally thought it looked more like The Flash but that wouldn’t exactly make sense since he’sĀ from DC, not Marvel.

I screen capped the shot and highlighted the image in question so you can take a peek for yourself. If you have access to Netflix, then I highly encourage you to check out the scene on your own.

What do you think the easter egg is? Do you think it really is Spider-Man or another superhero? Do you think I’m insane?


  1. Its not Spider-Man its Captain America. The red angled object in the foreground is his shield that he has just thrown. If you brighten the image and look at the very top left you can clearly see a man’s face with a mask that covers everything but his mouth. The white “eyes” are actually part of his uniform. There are lots of shots from the films of Captain America striking the exact same pose.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Interesting idea!

      I don’t see Captain America, I see Spider-Man’s oval shaped eyes, and it seems like he’s attached to the side of a building.

      I do see the shield-like shape you’re talking about though.

      1. And yes if its Spider-Man it definitely would look like his right arm extends upward to the right and goes off screen as if attached to a wall. But look at the right arm instead as Captain America’s upper body. Look at the small bright spot. I think that is his mouth area exposed with everything else covered by the mask.

        1. Ahh! I see it now. Thanks for the link! It took me a while to scroll down all the way, but then again I’m lazy. :-p

          Now that I’ve seen a visual example of what you mean I can’t unsee it in the cap above.

  2. I think it’s Spider-Man, those giant white eyes are very distinctive. It was probably just a fun gag by the crew, since Peter Parker and Ben Urich both work at the Daily Bugle. But now that Spider-Man is in the Marvel movie universe… maybe it’ll turn into something more.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I felt the same, although my hope is that it was hinting future possibilities. Imagine, Daredevil working with Spider-Man in an episode or two in that same gritty, realistic style? Brilliant! If it ever happens…

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