Early Access: Starbound

Welcome to Early Access, a series that covers games that are available in early release form on Steam. Today’s featured game is one of the first early access games I ever bought, Starbound. It recently received a major update, so I figured now would be a great time to look at what the game offers.

What do you do in Starbound?


Starbound is all about forging your own path and making your own story. You can choose from several different races such as the ape-like Apex to the alien Hyotl and venture across the galaxy as you see fit. You can also unlock recipes and other cool things like musical instruments and stylish hats by delving deep underground and fighting boss creatures, so there’s a nice risk/reward system built into the game. It seems the main objective is to finish the quest progression and beat a final boss, but the real meat of the game is the open-ended nature of it.

Any games comparable to Starbound?


One look at this game and anyone who has played Terraria will be instantly familiar with the art style. If I had to describe this game in a tagline I’d describe it as “Minecraft + Terraria in space,” which is definitely a good thing in my eyes.

Is the game worth getting now?


Absolutely yes. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this game a year ago because early access was so new, the developer made mistakes, and gamers made assumptions they shouldn’t have; however, putting all that to the side, the game is 100% worth your money and time. Plus the music is excellent.

Anything silly happen?

You’ll find a lot of silly things happen in Starbound, but this guy (in an earlier build of the game) decided to make a Starbound cover of “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from the immortal Monty Python Classic. Check it out below!

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