End of Line: Tron 3 Cancelled by Disney

Despite earlier reports that the sequel to Tron:Legacy would begin production earlier this year with Joe Kosinski returning to direct and Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde returning to star, it seems Disney has pulled the plug on the cyberpunk sequel.

Wasn’t pre-production already underway?

Yes, but the film wasn’t technically greenlit to move past that stage. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney also wanted to add Jared Leto to the cast as well but they never went out with an offer.

Why would this happen?

Well, first things first. Tron:Legacy had a budget of $170 million and only made $400 million worldwide. While that isn’t terrible, it is a disappointment when the studio probably expected it to make more like $700 million. Furthermore, the failure of Tomorrowland has been rumored to have something to do with Tron 3‘s cancelation.


What does Tomorrowland have to do Tron?

They’re both similar types of films and Tomorrowland has been not been doing well at all, unfortunately. While it doesn’t necessarily make sense, that is creating apprehension toward other projects that may be similar. Since the last Tron movie was financially disappointing… well…

That can’t be the only reason.

Well, another reason floating around is Disney believes it simply has no room on its slate, which is now full of live action remakes of their 90s animated properties after the success of Cinderella.

You know what the worst part of this is?

That we’re not getting another Daft Punk soundtrack?

That we’re not getting another Daft Punk soundtrack.

I feel you. At the moment there’s a petition online to try to save the movie. It couldn’t hurt to give it a sign!


  1. it seemed that Disney is preparing the Tron franchise for a reboot that could feature a new cast and crew, a possible cameo by most of the cast from both the original and Tron Legacy and a Music score ala Hans Zimmer.

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