Etrian Mystery Dungeon FAQ – What You Need to Know

Even though spring has finally arrived, the outside weather may say otherwise. Whether it’s hot and dry or cold and dry, there isn’t a lot of color coming out for most. Just over the horizon, however, is Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a brand new, dungeon crawling game soon to be available for the 3DS console!

Today, we have all the information you need to know if you’re looking for a comfortable adventure with bright colors and lush environments.

What’s this game about?

Combining two popular video titles, Etrian Mystery Dungeon takes place in the kingdom of Aslarga; a town renown for welcoming all adventurers to seek treasure within vast and sprawling dungeons. As a matter of fact, the town and government fully supports for any travelers, including constructing small settlements for defense and even personal lessons from the Guildmaster. All this preparation is used for what is called, “The Day of Reckoning.”


For you and your band of treasurer seekers, this crossover title intends to unearth the mystery of both this shadowy land and forbearing “day.”

Crossover? From what games?

If you are unaware of previous installations (including myself), the Mystery Dungeon series is famous for pairing other popular video games for their own dungeon crawl experience. Spike Chunsoft’s other crossovers have included Pokemon and the Chocobos from the Final Fantasy series, both famous for its colorful designs and cheery attitude.


Etrian Odysseus, also focused on the adventure genre, is Atlus’s title for any player to generate a band of explorers through various classes. Whether you desires Sovereign warriors over Dancer healers or a strong Ninja against a manipulative Hexer, your party is created through the possibilities that you can create.

What makes this game unique from other dungeon crawlers?

Through the combination of both titles, Etrian Mystery Dungeon offers the best of both worlds. According to Seiichiro Nagahata, who has supervised previous creations from Mystery Dungeon, the center of the series is “…’Tension’ and ‘reasoning,’” which will diversify with whatever title collaborates with them. In this case, the ability to fashion your own party and characters in an ever changing game that cannot be played twice is given from the Etrian Odysseus series. With these two games joining forces, the final product intends to bring comfort to old fans and excite new arrivals to the series.


One aspect that should not be overlooked is the overall design of both series. With the colorful character creations from Etrian and the exciting atmosphere in Mystery Dungeon, this game appears pleasing to the eye and far from any eye strain. For a game that appears simple, there is plenty of appreciation for the final creation of two different approaches for a dungeon crawl experience that is this attractive.

What’s Japan’s response to this game?

According to inventory reports, in just the first week alone, Entrian Mystery Dungeon was sold out from most retail stores. This includes over 69,000 purchased from the 91% of all shipments of this game. Clearly, the game has gained significant popularity within the country and possibly see further progress within other regions.

When will the game be available for purchase?

Whether you are interested for a casual experience for dungeon crawling or the colorful designs of the world and characters, Etrian Mystery Dungeon will be available for the 3DS device on April 7, 2015!

Check out the teaser below if you’re interested in an adventure of this caliber!

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