Disney Characters Make the Best Pokemon Trainers


After checking out these awesome pieces of fan art by Kuitsuku, all I know is that I need a Pokemon/Disney crossover game in my life. I mean, if Kingdom Hearts can happen, anything is possible right?

do_you_want_to_build_an_abomasnow_man__by_kuitsuku-d88bo02  part_of_your___world__by_kuitsuku-d41nuja ohana_means_family_by_kuitsuku-d47ml3w you_can_fly__you_can_fly_by_kuitsuku-d426mpl a68117233828c2f858278731b35279b3-d490fka

a_whole_new___world__by_kuitsuku-d49hn93 hakuna___matata__by_kuitsuku-d4sjpfl

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