Here’s What Yellowjacket Will Look Like in Marvel’s Ant-Man

Ant-Man has so far been overshadowed by the ten ton gorilla that is Avengers: Age of Ultron. That might turn out to be bad news for the movie’s box office returns (on the other hand, Marvel, so maybe not), but on the bright side, it’s meant that the movie has managed to preserve most of its secrets and surprises.

That’s rare for a Marvel film, given how much promotion each movie gets, and how ravenous the fanbase is for spoilers. So if you’re looking to go into Ant-Man fresh, don’t read any further, because this images spoils a pretty big reveal.

Say hello to Yellowjacket!


Who is Yellowjacket?

In Ant-Man, Corey Stoll will play a character named Darren Cross, a former protege of Hank Pym, who turns against his mentor to take control of his company. Using Pym’s research, he creates the Yellowjacket suit, which Pym tasks Scott Lang (Paul Rudd’s character) with stealing.

Basically, the Yellowjacket suit is a more advanced version of the Ant-Man suit (complete with plasma cannon stingers), and by the looks of it, the two are going to face off in a big fight sequence (notice the little Ant-Man in the image).

Is he based on a comic book character?

There have been several versions of Yellowjacket in the comics (including Hank Pym himself), but for the most part, they have been heroes, not villains. The character of Darren Cross is also from the comics, a villainous head of a major technology company, although he never suited up as Yellowjacket.

Interestingly, one notable example of Yellowjacket being a villain is the Ultimate Marvel version of the character. In that alternate universe, Yellowjacket is none other than Ultron himself!

When is this movie out again?

Ant-Man will be Marvel’s second 2015 film, hitting theaters on July 17.

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