Mortal Kombat X: How to Play as Rain, Baraka, and Other NPC-Only Characters


With Mortal Kombat X just recently having been released, it’s amazing to see what some have already been able to get creative with. One such person, a modder by the name of XVermillion on YouTube, has made characters playable that were once only enemies in the game’s singleplayer mode.

How Did He Do It?

Apparently the modder went into the game’s directory and simply replaced the model and move-set for Shinnok (though it could be anyone) with those of the NPC character’s.

Basically, you can find all the important files in “Assets” once you have it installed. Then you find the NPC you want like Rain, Baraka, Sindel, Corrupted Shinnok, etc and rename their files to ones that match a legit character (in my case I used Shinnok); so becomes and so on. Be sure to back up your files before hand. Once the NPC files are renamed, just put them back in the Assets folder, overwrite the old ones and now when you choose Shinnok or whoever, the files for the switched NPC will be loaded instead. The only bad thing is that I don’t think they have movelists or anything but they should be the same as in MK9.

So far, XVermillion has posted video gameplay of the characters Rain, Baraka, Sindel, Tanya, and Corrupted Shinnok, with only slight issues in his product, such as not being able to use Sindel’s hair-whip as the move gets overridden by Shinnok’s teleport.

Where do you stand on unlocking otherwise unplayable characters in this newest installment of the Mortal Kombat franchise? Is one giving themselves an edge over those without the characters, or is it just a fun way to expand on what this game has already delivered to us? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. In all honesty we should of been able to play with these charecter from the start. They dicked us on charecter selections. And now we have to wait an eternity just to play with 4 other charecters.

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