Star Wars Battlefront Supports Up to 40 Players on PC, Xbox One and PS4

Star Wars Battlefront will include a maximum player count of 40 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Yes, that means there will be a game mode with 40 players running around — or hovering about in one of the many vehicles. That’s pretty badass.

Of course, the game will also feature several different game modes, and they will each have their own player caps.

During battle, players can swap from first-person to a third-person at any time. DICE says you’ll also be able to fully customize your characters through gear, weapons and abilities. However, there’s likely an exception for canon characters in the series like Darth Vader. You probably won’t be able to strip him down to just underwear and a helmet, as hilarious as that would be.

Pretty exciting stuff, on top of everything else that’s been unveiled about Battlefront so far! What are you most excited for?

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