There’s a New Hearthstone Adventure Out This Week

There’s a new singleplayer Hearthstone adventure out this week, pairing you up with the League of Explorers as you traverse Azeroth in search of an artifact called the “Staff of Origination.”  

What’s new?

The League of Explorers will keep the same “wing” structure from the previous two adventures, although this time there will only be four wings instead of five.

Over the course of the adventure, you’ll earn a total of 45 new cards, some of which feature a new keyword: Discover. When activated, this mechanic will present you with three cards, from which you can add one to your hand. Interestingly, these cards are not from your deck, and instead can give you options from both the neutral and your class pool.

And of course, where would we be without new legendaries?

league of explorers legendary 3 league of explorers legendary 2 league of explorers legendary 1

When is it out?

The adventure begins on November 12 with the first wing. The second wing will come a week after that, followed by a week break, then the final two wings.

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