Halo 5 Release Date Revealed? “November” Easter Egg Hidden in Promo Video

Despite the fact that it will almost certainly be among the biggest game releases of 2015, we still don’t know when exactly Halo 5: Guardians will be arriving.

Some fans think they know the answer though. An official trailer for a Halo 5 behind-the-scenes documentary series was released almost three months ago in December 2014. It’s taken all this time, but someone has discovered a tiny easter egg that might point towards the game’s release date.

Check out the trailer for the series, called The Sprint, and skip to 1:22, right before 343 Industries’ logo appears:

If you couldn’t catch it, here’s a screengrab:

halo 5 release date

Do you see it? That pretty clearly says “November.”

While Halo 5‘s release date is still officially unconfirmed, why would they put that date in there?

We’re reaching out for an official comment, but in the meantime, it’s a tantalizing mystery. If Halo 5 does get released in November 2015, that would put it into contention with the new Call of Duty and more than likely, Star Wars: Battlefront. It’s going to be a huge holiday season for shooter fans, that’s for sure.

Edit: Here’s the frame with the brightness and contrast adjusted a bit so you can see it better:


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