Project Morpheus Release Date Rumor: Will We See It at E3?

Sony’s Project Morpheus is just one of many highly anticipated VR products that are currently in the works. It will be the first to introduce virtual reality tech on consoles.

According to a new report from Asahi, a high-profile Japanese newspaper, the company plans to launch Morpheus by June, 2016.

If you do the math, that’s about a year from now. That would also mean Sony is probably planning to demo the project for everyone soon.

When Will Sony Demo Project Morpheus to the Public?

Sony's Project Morpheus being worn

E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo is less than a month away. That’s where all the big announcements and product unveils are generally made, so it’s safe to assume Sony will show off Project Morpheus at this year’s event.

Head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that games are already being developed for the platform, and that one of them would even be revealed at E3.

During that same interview, Yoshida said that the company was not planning to hike up the price of Morpheus. He said the company plans to keep costs “as low as possibly can be done.”

“We are not talking about any specific number, but this is a console business. We try to provide the hardware at the lowest possible cost so that more people can come in. And so that developers can make games on to create the market. So we’ll have the same approach.”

Of course, none of this will even matter if Project Morpheus fails to impress. You could also make the argument that the platform needs to be supported with enough compatible titles. However, it’s not enough for the games to simply be compatible, they have to be fun to play.

The question is: Do we think Sony will be able to support Morpheus long after launch? Hopefully, an E3 demo will give us enough information to decide. At the least, we’ll be able to see over the next year if they have enough games to warrant purchasing the Morpheus.

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