Sony Is Opening a Studio Just for Virtual Reality Games and Project Morpheus

Recently we discussed the idea that Project Morpheus might be demoed at E3, 2015. That would put the release date for the platform sometime around next year, or more specifically June.

It makes sense, especially alongside recent news that Sony is opening a studio explicitly for virtual reality games and Project Morpheus.

According to job listings posted online by the company, they’re seeking developers for a new branch in the UK called North West Studios. The job description mentions working with virtual reality games and Sony’s Project Morpheus.

As the job listing advertises, those hired will have an “exciting and rare opportunity to join an ambitious new studio to create original games exclusively for Project Morpheus, PlayStation’s VR platform.”

What Is North West Studios?

Project Morpheus

Sony describes the new studio as a place where they will retain a “small but highly experienced team who want to build great games to showcase this exciting new immersive technology.”

As the name implies, the studio will be located in the northwestern region of England and they will focus solely on content for the Project Morpheus platform. Does this mean there will be tons of games available for it at launch? No, not necessarily.

Currently, Sony is looking to fill positions for game designers, character animators, artists and level designers among others.

This is promising news, as hopefully we won’t see the same thing happen to Project Morpheus as we’ve seen for the Playstation Vita. As much as I absolutely love and adore my Vita, Sony stopped supporting the platform with their own first party studios some time ago. To see them assembling a studio just for Project Morpheus means they’re willing to give it the attention it deserves, at least for now.

Does this make you any more excited for the launch of Morpheus?

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