Sony Shows Off the New Action-Packed Hitman

As the E3 madness rages on, the games get crazier and crazier, and Sony had plenty of cards up their sleeves, including a brand new Hitman trailer.

What Do We Know About this Game?

While not many details are not known about the game, we were able to get a full glimpse of the graphical integrity of the new game to feature Agent 47.

As for the news we actually have on the game, Sony representative Asad Qizilbash said the following at the Sony Conference Monday evening:

“Gamers will travel to exotic locations around the world to take out high-profile targets as Agent 47 returns in the most ambitious Hitman ever created. Developer IO Interactive are bringing this blockbuster franchise to console and PC leading with a digital release that will invite gamers to a live and ever-expanding world that will deepen and evolve as time goes on.”

Even if that wasn’t enticing enough, apparently PlayStation 4 players will gain access to an exclusive beta when pre-ordering the new Hitman. And if that wasn’t enough, six unique contracts will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console when the game does launch later this year.

That said, Hitman seems like it will provide an enjoyable experience with an immersive world, and that sounds like a killer world I’d love to be in.

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