Fantastic Four Trailer Analysis: Our Beloved Four and Where They Get Their Powers

After watching the latest trailer for Fantastic Four, I can’t help but feel like this adaptation might be missing something. Then again, it’s way too early to tell.

What has me worried, you ask? The Thing still hasn’t uttered a word. We haven’t been able to see Reed Richards using his powers for much longer than a reel or two. Worse yet, we haven’t seen much humor. So far, it’s all serious all the time. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and it might be different in the actual film, but I digress.

The newest trailer is finally available for your viewing pleasure. Give it a watch — if you haven’t already — and move past the break for an in-depth fan analysis. Oh man, I’m excited. I hope you are too.

Where Do We Start?

The theme for Fantastic Four was dark, and maybe even a bit eccentric, in the first issues that were penned. It looks like the film is going to adopt that same tone. All worries aside, I have to admit it’s good to see this movie taking itself a little more seriously than the last Fantastic Four films we were served.

Fantastic Four suits

The opening scene of the trailer shows us exactly what our science-loving foursome is trying to accomplish before they stumble upon their powers — or at the very least who they’re doing it for. We see a bunch of suits seated around a large table, no doubt looking after the interests of their shareholders. They also reveal the fact that they’ve been funding Dr. Storm for six years up until this point. That sure is a long time to string someone along, let alone several corporate and military shills.

Could we have just learned that Dr. Storm is overzealous? I think so.

Fantastic Four - Reed Richards intro

Soon after, we learn that whatever Reed Richards is working on, that’s the reason Dr. Storm is holding the meeting. Apparently, Reed “knows answers to questions we don’t even know to ask yet.”

Fantastic Four - Baxter Building

Next, we get a shot of the Baxter Building. This is the main headquarters for Dr. Franklin Storm’s think tank. Obviously, he’s hired some bright young minds to do a bit of research. What they’re researching is a mystery at this point, but we’ll learn soon enough.

Where’s Our Beloved Four?

Fantastic Four - Reed welding

That’s Reed welding on the left, and just between the supports of the structure you can make out Sue Storm, and Victor Domashev. We’ll get to who they are in a minute, but I’m sure you already know.

Fantastic Four - Victor Domashev Dr Doom

Fast forward a few frames and we get our first glimpse at Victor Domashev, none other than Dr. Doom. It’s tough to say at this point what’s going to send him over the edge and into evil territory. We do know that Domashev is some kind of computer and tech genius who chooses to use the online handle Doom.

As you can tell by his comment to Johnny Storm, he doesn’t seem to like the guy. Too bad Domashev, looks like you’re on the same team, for now.

Fantastic Four - Sue Storm

There’s the lovely Sue Storm in her natural element.

Fantastic Four - Johnny Storm fast cars

Here, we can see that Johnny Storm loves fast cars just like his comic counterpart. Another neat detail, take a peek at the ornament hanging from his rear view mirror. That’s definitely a Super Mario Bros. fire flower. You know, like the one that gives Mario fireball powers?

It seems there’s going to be a lot of these subtle nods for each character in the film.

Fantastic Four Ben Grimm the Muscle

In this next scene, we get a taste of where Ben Grimm’s character is headed. It sounds like Reed refers to him as “the muscle,” during a conversation about his lab partners. In this scene, we can also see that Grimm has blue eyes and he lives in some kind of scrapyard, or maybe he’s just hoarder?

Where Do They Get Their Powers?

Fantastic Four - all four before the change

The gang is all here, before they get their powers. Well, except for Grimm who doesn’t appear to be part of the actual science team. Either he chases after them, or tags along to protect the group.

Fantastic Four - Humor

Here, we get to see a small shot of dry humor. Okay, I’ll admit it is a little funny.

We also get to see that these guys are suiting up for something big. At first glance, it looks like it might be a trip to space but the next scene puts that assumption to rest and tells us exactly what’s up.

Fantastic Four - Interdimensional Travel

Apparently, the team has “just cracked inter-dimensional travel,” which tells us exactly where they’re going. Another dimension, duh!

I took a look back at the history of the Fantastic Four books to see if I could discern exactly where the team is going. I found my answer in the Ultimate Fantastic Four series. I won’t reveal my thoughts just yet, but don’t worry, I’ll say what I’m thinking when we actually get a look at this alternate dimension.

For now, note the blue energy cloud that seems to be perfectly centered in this frame. This is an inter-dimensional gateway or power source of some kind. Later in the trailer, we see this same blue energy in relation to their superhuman powers. Whatever the hell it is, one thing is certain, this is the source of the Fantastic Four’s powers — somehow.

Fantastic Four - Alternate Dimension

Now, we get to see it — the alternate dimension. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a faraway planet, or some alternate plane of existence. My guess is that it’s the Negative Zone from the comics.

If that’s true and this is the Negative Zone, it opens up some juicy possibilities for a sequel. Consider the name Annihilus, if you will.

Fantastic Four - Whole Gang

I’m willing to bet Reed, Sue, Ben, Johnny and Victor are all going to explore the mysterious dimension. Perhaps, Victor is elsewhere in this shot or maybe even Ben since he gets the strangest power of the bunch?

Fantastic Four - Ben Grimm falling

That looks like it’s Ben falling. What do you think?

Fantastic Four - Reed's powers

Just before we get a glimpse at Reed on the table, we hear Dr. Storm refer to the team as “his children.” This tells us that he cares deeply for the crew, which includes even Victor. Sure, Sue and Johnny share his name but it’s clear he’s talking about everyone here.

In the next few frames we see that Reed is back in our world, and he’s lying on a medical table. A close-up shot reveals that his powers have begun to manifest and his arm is contorting and stretching. There’s something eerie about the way it’s moving. It’s also obvious that when these guys come back they don’t have control over what’s happening to them. Since this is an origin tale — reboot or not — they’re going to have to figure out how to use their powers.

Fantastic Four - Johnny Storm burning

That’s Johnny Storm burning, and clearly in agony.

Fantastic Four - Sue Storm turning invisible

That’s Sue as her powers gradually cloak her body.

Fantastic Four - Ben Grimm turning into the Thing

That’s Ben Grimm emerging from a pile of rocks, turning into what we know as The Thing.

What Happens Next?

Fantastic Four - Sue Storm force field

In the next few scenes we learn that Reed “just wants to fix his friends.” We hear another voice — presumably Ben — that says “you can’t fix this.”

Naturally, it seems like they come to grips with their change and work together to understand the true potential of their superhuman powers. The goal is to help the greater good, birthing the team we know as the Fantastic Four.

Yes, Sue is using her powers to create a force field in that frame. She did have these powers in the comics, so it’s not anything new.

Fantastic Four - opened a portal

It’s at this point that we learn the team “opened a door [they] don’t know how to close.” Further strengthened by the point that they “don’t know anything about what’s coming.”

If you look closely at the shot above, you can see what looks like a plane or jet falling into that big-ass portal. I wonder what that’s about? Maybe Dr. Doom opens a portal to Negative Zone thus subjecting the world — our world — to a host of new dangers.

Fantastic Four - Dr Doom

What is coming? The answer, Doom.

Fantastic Four - deadly portal opened

Is this the portal Doom opens?

I think it’s safe to assume that Dr. Doom wants to bring doom upon all the world? The real question is, why?

Fantastic Four - Doom awesome shot

Can I just say, that’s a fantastic shot of Doom. Seriously, it gives me the chills every time I see it.

Where’s All the Action?

Fantastic Four - fireball

It’s tough to make out, but that’s a screen of Johnny shooting a fireball at someone with a force field. Is he attacking Dr. Doom? If so, that would mean Doom has powers similar to Sue Storm. Does that also mean he has the same powers as the rest of the team, or, has he stolen Sue’s power somehow?

Fantastic Four - Reed Richards stretching

That’s our first glimpse at Reed Richards actually using his powers in a suit. Take a gander at the suit too. It appears to have been augmented in a way that it can stretch right along with Reed’s body.

Fantastic Four - The Thing taking gunfire

That’s The Thing taking gunfire. It looks like this might be connected to the scene where he drops out of a plane into enemy territory. That scene happens at the end of the trailer so we’ll get to it again in a few moments.

Fantastic Four - Johnny and Sue flying

Holy hell, that’s both Johnny and Sue flying. Even better, Sue blasts right through the rock pillar like some kind of photon missile.

Fantastic Four - Thing punching Doom

As the music reaches it’s climax we see a shot of The Thing who’s obviously giving Dr. Doom a pummel. You can tell by the portion of his mask and the hood that are barely in the frame. Where this scene takes place in the movie I have no idea. Any thoughts on that?

Fantastic Four Logo

That’s more in line with the classic Fantastic Four logo. Also, judging by the few shots we’ve seen of the team in their iconic blue suits it looks like those will be closer to the series roots, as well.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Fantastic Four - Thing B2 Bomber drop

Finally, we see The Thing jump out of a B2 stealth bomber and land on a military humvee. Could this mean that Dr. Doom has commissioned himself an army to fight on his behalf? Has he taken over the infamous Latveria?

Fantastic Four - The Thing clobbering time

Another thing to question here: Why is it okay for Thing to destroy this military vehicle? I’m guessing he’s not attacking the US military here, or those guys in the suits from earlier might be pretty pissed.

Then again, maybe the entire team goes rogue? Oh nice, I think we just stumbled on a great thing here.

To close it all out I’m just going to share one more thought. I really, really hope The Thing gets a chance to say his iconic line: It’s clobberin’ time!

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