What’s New In X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue Cut?

If you’re wondering what’s new in the X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue Cut extended edition rerelease then you’re not alone.

James Finn, EVP of Marketing Communications at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, tweeted some details about the upcoming special edition Blu-Ray. In addition, to giving us a tease of the box art he also revealed a summary of new content that will be available.

What’s New In Rogue Cut?

James Finn X-Men Rogue Cut details

Apparently, it’s called Rogue Cut because it will feature a lot of the severed content that Bryan Singer had filmed with fan-favorite Rogue. In Days of Future Past, she didn’t show up for very long, despite the fact that Singer recorded a lot of extra footage with Anna Paquin — the actress who plays Rogue.

Supposedly, it will include 90 minutes of “all-new, immersive special features,” with 10 extra minutes of Rogue-exclusive footage.

Fans have been clamoring for more Rogue for a while now, perhaps this will satiate them for a bit? Well folks, will it?

Other extras include multiple audio commentaries, an exclusive image gallery, second screen app support and a look at the new Fantastic Four movie. If you’re worried that the extra content will just be a carbon copy of stuff from the original Blu-Ray, Finn says not to worry. It’s a┬ádistinct film” with “distinct extras” that’s “complimentary but not repetitive.”

This just goes to show that some of the supporting characters are just as revered as the big names like Wolverine — who’s made an appearance in seven movies now with two standalone films.


  1. About fracking time, sick of Wolverine everywhere. With such a rich marvel universe his ubiquitous presence is so boring and tiring. Hollywood, you don’t need wolverine as much as you think, people will still go see an X-Men movie because it’s an awesome franchise.

    1. I do really like Wolverine, and Hugh Jackman playing him. That said, I have never understood what the obsession with his character is when it comes to the films.

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