Far Cry 5 Theory: Are All of the Far Cry Games Connected?

What would you say if I told you that all of the Far Cry games could be linked to one another through one main character? You’d probably call me crazy and tell me to piss off, right?

Well, Eurogamer’s Ian Higton has come up with a pretty batshit theory, that actually makes a lot of sense. In a video he published recently, he describes the theory in more detail. Check it out.

How Are the Games Connected?

Far Cry 4 landscape and Pagan Min

The entire theory relies on heavy guesswork and speculation, some of which may not be true at all. That’s okay because it seems pretty damn solid. As far as fan theories go, this one checks out.

The theory posits that Jack Carver — from the original Far Cry — is actually the Jackal, the enemy you encounter in Far Cry 2. Where does this theory originate come from?

At the end of Far Cry, Jack Carver is passed a mysterious box as payment for his troubles. We never actually get to see what’s inside the box, all we can see is Carver amusedly laughing as the camera pans away. If this theory is true then there are actually diamonds inside that box. That’s what sparked the Jackal’s love for diamonds and why he becomes such a problem in Far Cry 2, besides the whole weapon-dealing business.

Those diamonds show up in both Far Cry 3 and 4, the latter of which has you collecting them for a character named Longinus. There’s a lot more to the theory which is explained in the video and it ties the entire series together nicely.

Where Will Far Cry 5 Take Place?

Peru mountaintops

Perhaps, the most interesting part about Higton’s theory is that it reveals where the next Far Cry game might take place.

At the end of Far Cry 4, Longinus reveals that he’ll be traveling to South America or Cuba next. It just so happens that one of the eleven potential locations for the next game — revealed in a leaked Ubisoft survey — is actually Peru. Just in case you don’t know your geography, Peru is located in South America.

Pretty crazy stuff right?


      1. Be optimistic mate. It’s the Jungles of Peru and it may be that just some fringe parts may be mountainous 🙂

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