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When you are a PC gamer there are plenty of ways for you to get either the latest or retro gaming. You can go thru origin or but one of the more popular websites is steam. Steam has established itself for the delivery of mainstream game content and has ramped things up with their steam greenlight program. In this program developers who are looking to get noticed can sign up a game to be voted on by the fans. If the game gets enough votes then it will be available on steam. But what about the games that are good but not good enough to make the cut on steam? Is there a website where you can purchase these games as well?

Yes there is and it’s called


Run by a small company called flippfly this website has sales where people can purchase their games. The last sale ended on October 9th but like with other websites they will have another sale sometime in the future. If you want to become part of this all you have to do is sign up through the FAQ (but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be in the sale). The website has the games up still and you can check out videos, vote for them on greenlight or purchase them outright. You can even buy games that are still in development and you’ll get a copy of a game when its released.


This website is sort of the kickstarter version for games that are good enough but they are not on steam. However, the people that run the website were asked if they were against steam and the FAQ answers that question:


“Absolutely not! We love Steam, but not every great game is currently available there. The point of this sale is to bring a few of these awesome games to light.”

So if you want to check out some hidden gems then point yourself in the direction of and help support indie gaming!

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