Jesus is Hiding in These Songs! – Funk Radio #110

Today we observe a short list of songs that, for the most part, aren’t overtly religious, but do have Christian themes in the lyrics.


Whether you’re a Bible thumper or a religion dumper, you may not always catch the spiritual theme of a song if you’re not paying close enough attention. Luckily we’ve taken some of the guesswork off your hands, and compiled a small list of songs that you may not have noticed are actually pretty religious when you analyze the lyrics. With the exception of Kyle’s choice for the first song, we’re strictly looking for more subtle examples of this. So if you were expecting a full show about overt gospel music, y’all will have to keep waiting.

Honorable Mentions:

“I Believe in Jesus” by Donna Summer

“Watching Over” by Deniece Williams

“But for the Grace of God Go I” by Machine

“People Get Ready” by the Impressions

“Love to the World” by LTD

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