Furious 7 Fastest to Gross $1 Billion, How Awesome Is That?

On Friday (April 17), Furious 7 passed the $1 Billion mark at the worldwide box office. That’s an impressive feat.

According to Universal, it’s the first time in the company’s history — spanning 103 years — that a film has achieved that amount so quickly. Furious 7 crossed the $1 Billion threshold at the box office in just 17 days. That’s it.

Why Did Furious 7 Perform so Well?

Furious 7

Considering this is Paul Walker’s final performance on the big screen, it makes sense that it would break some records. If anything, it serves as a tribute to the late actor’s legacy.

In the announcement, Universal name drops some of their other franchises like Jurassic Park, the Bourne series and more. To point out, the Fast & Furious franchise is the only one to have grossed a total of more than $3.39 billion. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that nearly a third of that total — from seven different films — belongs to Furious 7.

It just goes to show that any franchise can make a comeback. Personally, I wonder if it’s because of the plane scene in the trailer. From the moment I first watched it I’ve been wondering if they actually land all those cars successfully.

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