Getting Laid, Stealing Cake and Making Wolf Babies – Go Your Own Way E19

It’s time for another trifecta of magical adventures! We try to seduce a sexy watchmaker, crash a party and steal a cake, and find true love as a wolf in the forest.


If you’ve been listening to us for a while, you may remember when we first did Three Short Stories in a single episode. This week we’re revisiting the concept and tripling your bang-for-buck, just because we love you.

To get things started, Eric graces us with Get Laid by Gabriel Gray by Twiggy. Our watch is broken, and the only man who can fix it is a steamy watchmaker who we can’t help but invite home for some extra action… but things don’t turn out quite as we expect.

Next Jen takes us on a party-crashing journey with The Hunt For Cake: A Short Story About Cake by 11302. We’re broke and have a sweet tooth for some cake, but our “friend” didn’t invite us to his party—a party with 30 cakes inside. Can we successfully sneak in and make off with a tasty dessert?

We wrap things up with Peter’s choice of Wolf’s Love by polarbearwinter13. We play as a wolf who awakes in the morning and searches for food, but instead finds a potential mate. Is it true love or will we fall victim to the deadly ways of nature?

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