The Pharmacist From the Future – Go Your Own Way #42

A time traveler has made copies of himself, and for some reason it’s our job to set things straight before reality collapses.



“What do you know about teleporters .

you know dont you


ah well then i am afraid you must die

he points a gun and tells you to get out of his pharmacy.”

We’re starting to question our decision to marathon all of these poorly rated short stories. These last few episodes of the show have been a blur of laughter, beer and abysmal grammar skills. But at the risk of being assholes to the author, this one might take the cake. The pharmacist from the future by crookedsmile has some interesting potential as a tale of time travel and alternate realities, but is plagued by a sheer refusal to adhere to reality. The saving grace in this one ends up being our own theories that attempt to fill the narrative gaps.

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