Your First Batman V. Superman Merch Will be at Comic-Con, Here’s What You Can Bring Home

Batman V. Superman will likely be one of the most buzzworthy films at Comic-Con next week, so it’s no surprise that some retailers are rolling out their merch nearly a year before the film’s release.

Here’s what you’ll be able to check out at the con:

Funko Pop! Two-Pack

We covered this previously as part of a larger Funko exclusive rundown, but these guys are adorable enough to feature twice.

Price: Unannounced (probably around $30, but don’t quote me on that)


Mattel Action Figure 2-Pack

These 6-inch-tall figures feature fabric capes,  a base that combines to form the movie’s logo, and lights-and-sounds packaging.

Price: $30.00

batman v superman Mattel Action Figure 2-Pack

Hot Wheels Batmobile

And the award for most excessive packaging goes to…

Price: $25.00

hot wheels batmobile


hot wheels batmobile 2

Barbie Doll Wonder Woman

This last piece of merch won’t actually be sold at the convention. Instead, it’s just a preview of a larger set (one that will also include Batman and Superman) that will be released next year.

wonder woman barbie

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