Terrorists in Walmart? Bring It On! – Go Your Own Way E20

Grab your shopping carts for an adventure full of savings! We stave off some boredom by hanging out at Walmart, until a gang of armed terrorists locks everyone in!


It’s the store we all hate with the prices we all love—Walmart. There’s fish tanks to stare at, video games to try out and… terrorists with assault rifles? Our boring day gets a little more interesting when we play The Wal*Mart Game by thatguy. We find ourselves locked in, but not trapped with the rest of the hostages, so we take it upon ourselves to sneak around the huge store and explore some of the departments for useful items, and encounter lots of shameless brand placements.

Since this is a long story, we’re splitting it up across a few episodes. Tune in for the next installments coming soon!

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