An Epic Battle of Quizmastery – Go Your Own Way #25

We’re a fierce warrior battling an army of monstrous “Questions,” but will we live to tell the tale? Not if Drill Sergeant Nasty can help it.


You have trained for years to one day become a Quizmaster, a noble warrior with the capacity to slay even the worst, most terrifying questions in existence. To be able to identify even the most obscure information, and to deliver death and justice to even the most powerful of beasts.

That’s the basic premise of this week’s chilling tale, A Quiz I made for the Blatant Hell of it All. by ISentinelPenguinI. We’re in it to become true Quizmasters, plain and simple. And with the help of our friend Dave (co-host of the Bludgeon Your Horizons podcast), we just might make it. If for no other reason, tune in to hear Eric’s Korndorfian rendition of the foul-mouthed Drill Sergeant Nasty.

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