Sometimes Vengeance Pays Off Really Well – Go Your Own Way #27

A field trip gone horribly wrong turns out to be a delusion of our insanity. But do we really belong in an asylum, or were we framed by an unknown villain?


As the thugs and their hostages vanished on the horizon, you could have sworn that one of the thugs turned back and screamed, “See you in hell!”

Then the bus collapsed on top of you.

That’s more or less how our story begins as we seek Vengeance by Badger. How are we not dead? Why have we been committed? What happened to our friends and family? Why were we all going to Phoenix, Arizona in the first place? It doesn’t take long for us to fight the system and start searching for answers, while picking up some sweet weapons and other items along the way.And maybe, just maybe, we’ll find the secrets behind the mysterious Formula 45…

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