He Liked Watching Us Sleep – Go Your Own Way #28

We wake up to find a vampire hunter looming over our bed, watching us sleep. Can we convince him that we’re not a vampire? Not bloody likely.


Something nudges you awake. You rub your eyes and lazily peer through the gloom of your bedroom. There’s a man standing over your bed, staring at you, unblinking. A few moments pass, and he still hasn’t said anything.

The premise is as simple as that. Let’s see if we can escape the wrath of The Vampire Hunter by Wonko_the_Sane. He’s got a vest full of weapons and a stake with our name on it, so things don’t look good. But is he just a misunderstood man, or is all hope really lost? Stop reading these useless questions and listen in for yourself. Joining us as a guest this week is Matt from the Super Circuitcast!


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