Grandma Doesn’t Approve, But the Wolf is Thirsty – Go Your Own Way #30

In this twist on the fairy tale classic, can we make it to Grandma’s house safely? More importantly, can we stay focused on the story and stop talking about adult activities?


As a cold autumn breeze stings your eyes, you pull the hood on your red cloak up over your head and tie it tightly.  Then you pick up the basket your mother prepared and set off down the path through the woods.

What magical dangers await us in Little Red Riding Hood by kallykat? It’s rather generic, as might be expected, but we’re way too distracted in this episode to care. It’s our 30th episode and we deserve a break (at least that’s what we tell ourselves) so we spend more time talking about the rules of self-pleasuring with firearms, forming a thrash metal band, faking orgasms, stalker
stories and avoiding social interaction while shopping. We try to tie it into Red Riding Hood as much as possible, but don’t expect too much from us this week.

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