A Softball Concussion Gave Us Future Vision – Go Your Own Way #31

In our first episode with an actual book, we get hit in the head with a softball and can suddenly see future events before they happen. Is it a curse or a life-saving super power?


At first you see nothing but blackness. It doesn’t seem to be working. You tell yourself you were crazy to think you could see the future. But then a picture does come into view…

Indeed, those things called books still exist, and we’ve got our hands on a good’un. In this episode we’re playing through You See the Future by Deborah Lerme Goodman (Choose Your Own Adventure #44, Bantam Books, 1988).

In this exciting tale we must choose whether to stop a bank robbery or save little Johnny from drowning in the pond! Why not both? Stay tuned for twists and turns, and some humorous book-related troubleshooting. Jen is gone this week but in her place we have a guest host, Eric’s brother Nick!

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