Let’s Go Ogle Some Jockey Ass – Go Your Own Way #32

We’re a young girl who looks after her uncle’s prized race horse, but there’s some foul play afoot that could jeopardize Straight Shooter’s first big race!


With a twinge of excitement, you remember why you’re here. Today is the biggest horse race of the year. It’s Kentucky Derby Day. And Straight Shooter is entered.

We’re got another classic book adventure for y’all! This time we’re saddling up for Race of the Year by R.A. Montgomery (Choose Your Own Adventure #49, Bantam Books, 1989).

We learn from this chilling tale that there’s more to the Kentucky Derby than pretty horses. Behind the stables there are… actually more pretty horses. But we can’t be distracted! It’s our duty to protect Straight Shooter at all costs. When a man who claims to be our uncle’s friend says he was in a car accident, we begin to wonder who we can really trust…

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