We Are Invisible! – Go Your Own Way #33

After finding an invisibility cloak in our attic, we’re off for a day of fun as we fight bullies, steal pie and cheat at baseball.


“You walk over to a cracked mirror in the corner of the attic to take a look at yourself. You peer into the mirror, but you don’t see a thing. Your arms are missing, and so are you feet and legs. In fact, you don’t see any of you, or the old cape either!”


If we’ve learned anything from Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, it’s that invisibility cloaks are not something to play around with. Despite this valuable advice, we take part in a number of neighborhood antics upon finding the magical cloak in You Are Invisible by Susan Saunders (Choose Your Own Adventure #48, Bantam Books, 1989). Mean old Mr. Walters has some precious apples in his tree, or better yet, two freshly baked pies ready for the eating. Or perhaps we should help our friend with this baseball swing at a nearby game. But our friend Robert has other ideas—namely, revenge on the school bully, Larry. There are so many possibilities! It’s up to us to choose, and it’s up to YOU to listen!

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