Throwing Skittles at the Sphinx! – Go Your Own Way #34

An ancient Egyptian tomb holds unspeakable riches, but in order for us to take them, we must first answer the riddles of the mythical sphinx.


“If you wish to continue, you must answer three riddles. If you answer incorrectly, I will kill you immediately. If you answer correctly, you will be allowed to enter the tomb of a God, which holds the wealth of …a God. Do you wish to test your wit against me?”

And so the adventure begins. We’re back on the riddle horse once again in Survive the Sphinx by viking8779! In order to obtain the ancient treasure of “golden jewels,” we must test our wits against the slightly sexy mythical creature. Luckily, joining us in this episode is guest host Andrew. In addition to the main story, we get sidetracked on conspiracy theories, experimental weapons, north African geography and far more free advertising for Skittles than they deserve.

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