We Got Laid in the End, and That’s the Important Thing – Go Your Own Way #36

In the mind-bending conclusion of this film studio murder mystery, we uncover a disturbing truth that makes us question life itself.


“Slowly, you find yourself walking down the endless abyss of stairs. With every waking step, the sounds of people from the studio lobby gets more and more faint until you hear nothing but the drips of broken pipes. Lower and lower, you descend down the metal stairs watching your every step.”

Last week we played through the first two chapters of Studio 5 by AppDude27. In this episode, things only get more dark and mysterious as we continue to investigate the murder of two actors. Can we solve the dungeon padlock? Escape the jaws of death? Figure out who really murdered Jim and Darlene? Listen and find out as we bring you the exciting conclusion of the story!


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