We’ve Been Buried Alive! – Go Your Own Way #39

On the morning of our wedding day, we wake up buried alive in a coffin! Is this an elaborate bachelor party prank, or something far more sinister?


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“You slide along the wooden floor reaching out but in all directions you are met with solid wood. You start to scream and flail out wildly and then your hand hits something round and metalic. As you frantically pull it to your chest, it turns on and shines down over your rented tuxedo to reveal the awful truth. You are in a box.”

This isn’t exactly how we pictured our wedding day, but it’s like the old saying—when life traps you in a box of lemons, punch the lemons. Find out the big “why,” “how” and “who” behind these terrifying shenanigans in the aptly named Buried by greevesi. Can we escape in time to tie the knot with Mina? And what is this elusive “pink ending” that the author teases us with?

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