We’re Stuck in Tower! – Go Your Own Way #41

We’re stuck in tower! Can we examine table and open window before tower burns?


**We just released our very first storybook collection, Dances With Sasquatch (Go Your Own Way: Interactive Adventures Vol. 1)! Encounter mystical creatures and deadly situations in 6 wacky stories written by us! **

“You were in a tower admiring the sight below when you went back down to leave. But when you tried to open the door, you found to your surprise that it was locked. Now you have to try to escape and figure out who sabatoged your visit.”

After 41 episodes of horror, sci-fi and historical adventures, you can bet that this isn’t the first time we’ve been trapped in a tower. Last time was long and arduous, but this story is much simpler and follows our recent trend of tackling very short (usually poorly rated) interactive tales. Join us for the mind-bending journey that is Stuck in Tower by Wolfenrahd!

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