The Mona Lisa is Missing! – Go Your Own Way #44

The world-famous painting has been stolen from the Louvre, and as an American tourist, it’s naturally our duty to retrieve it from the criminals responsible.



“Seeing the Mona Lisa was to be the high point of your trip. But even though you’re greatly disappointed by the theft, you’ve always been interested in crimes involving art, and the disappearance of the famous painting promises to be a particularly intriguing case.

An intriguing case indeed! After another stint of internet stories (which are always a gamble), we’ve decided to read an actual book again! This time it’s a thrilling tale of mystery called The Mona Lisa is Missing! by Ramsey Montgomery (Choose Your Own Adventure #76, Bantam Books, 1988). Although we reach two endings in this episode, there is enough material in this book to fill another, so we’ll be exploring additional branches of this story next week.

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