Strangers In Dave’s Strange Land – Bludgeon Your Horizons E2: Jun Ray Song Chang by Asa-Chang and Junray

Bludgeon Your Horizons is where we throw at each other ‘difficult’ albums that we love, and most everyone else will despise.This week we listened to Jun Ray Song Chang by Asa Chang and Junray. It featured the ending theme for anime The Flowers of Evil and inspired us to some truly impressive descriptive metaphor.


If you’re new to the podcast, the premise is simple: there are some albums that you keep to yourself in a hidden playlist in a hidden Dropbox under a hidden account, some record that absolutely cannot see the light of day, lest your social and professional lives be ruined. In Bludgeon Your Horizons, we (Dave, Eric, Andrew, and occasionally Peter) subject these albums to each other, and then revel in each others’ pain.

This week Dave brought us Jun Ray Song Chang by Asa-Chang and Junray. Andrew rightly points out that it’s a very Japanese album of percussion and weird noises. Voices are autotuned and generally fucked with to disorienting, but also enlightening, effect. Why is this one of Dave’s favorite and most personal albums? Give it a listen below before listening to the episode and finding out.

So check out our podcast above, and check out some highlights from the show below:


“I wouldn’t show this to people on the street or new friends or anything. I would show it to people that I’m like, “This actually help to understand me and you need to listen to this.””


“I had a difficult time kind of nailing nailing down the physical actions that might have created almost any of these sounds.”


“The fact that you crave this album is utterly inconceivable to me because I cannot get into this album. It resits emotional connection with me. I try to get into it but it just slides off the surface of the album. It’s just like speaking with someone with whom I have no shared interests with. It’s like, Hey, what’s your name?” and they just babble in weird zebra noises.”


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