NMW: 311, Imagine Dragons, and More!!!

Time for your weekly update and all of the audiolicious goodies being unleashed on the music world this week. Strap on your headphones and let’s go for a ride!!

The Big News

So I was off last week and a whole bunch of good shit came out, including that new Jason Isbell record, The Nashville Sound, which, at the moment, is my frontrunner for album of the year. This week? Ehh… not so much. Unless you consider the new 311 album exciting. It’s the Omaha bred quintet’s twelfth and first since 2014. Exciting is a bit of a stretch. I’m mildly interested at best.

Everything Else

This would be the new Imagine Dragons.

And the new Jeff Tweedy.

And the new DyingFetus.

My Recommendation

The mighty King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard.

Next Week

Tune in next week, same n ew music time, same new music channel, for new stuff from Jay Z.

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