Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain: What You Need to Know

Tomorrow, Hearthstone will get its second singleplayer adventure, and with only a few hours left to pre-order, here’s everything you need to know about it.

It’s called Blackrock Mountain, and it’s a five-wing adventure, with each wing inspired by a dungeon or raid from World of Warcraft‘s Blackrock Mountain zone. If you’re familiar with that game, you’ll probably remember that Blackrock is inhabited by orcs, Dark Iron dwarves, fire elementals, and of course… dragons!


The expansion will feature 31 new cards, including 5 legendaries and 18 class cards. One of the set’s running themes is Dragons, and while it remains to be seen if you can go full-on tribal with them, some of them have a ton of synergy with each other (also don’t forget that there are already 16 pre-existing dragon cards as well).

200px-Twilight_Whelp 200px-Dragon_Consort 200px-Dragon_Egg 200px-Blackwing_Technician 200px-Blackwing_Corruptor

How do I earn the new cards?

Similar to Curse of NaxxramasBlackrock Mountain will have 5 wings, with one unlocking each week. Each wing features three bosses, who each unlock a new card when defeated (except for the fifth wing, which has four bosses). Completing an entire wing awards an additional legendary card.

200px-Rend_Blackhand 200px-Emperor_Thaurissan 200px-Majordomo_Executus 200px-Nefarian200px-Chromaggus

On top of that, Class Challenges will make a return, unlocking the final nine cards (one for each class). Finally, completing all of the wings on Heroic difficulty, unlocked after completing the wing once, will award an exclusive card back.


What is the gameplay like?

Unlike traditional games of Hearthstone, solo adventures feature battles against AI opponents with their own unique cards and hero powers. Some bosses can even cheat a bit, with more than two copies of certain cards in their deck, or special abilities that effect the game.

After completing a wing, you’ll unlock Heroic mode for those bosses. This mode features the same AI opponents, but with a ridiculously overpowered version of their deck. If it’s anything like Naxxramasyou’ll need to build decks specifically tailored to defeating them.

Additionally, solo adventures feature a separate mode called Class Challenge. Each wing will unlock two of these special matches (except for the fifth wing, which only unlocks one). Class Challenges have you playing a specific class with a pre-made deck.

The game mode is kind of similar to a puzzle, in that each challenge will require you to figure out exactly how to use the cards you are given to get around each match’s unique scenarios. Finishing a class challenge will reward you with two copies of a new class-specific card from the set.

Is there a story?

Sure… ! As much of a story as you’d expect from a digital card game that is.

Basically, Ragnaros is overstaying his welcome in Blackrock, and Nefarian sends you to kick him out. Nefarian happens to be the final boss of the entire thing though, so go figure.

When does it begin?

The first wing of Blackrock Mountain will be released on April 2 in the Americas region, and April 3 for Europe, Asia, and China.

How much does it cost?

Access to all five wings will cost $24.99 together, or $6.99 individually. If you don’t want to use real money, you can also spend 700 gold to unlock a wing.

What do I get for pre-ordering?

If you pre-order all five wings for $24.99 (you can’t use gold to pre-order), you will receive the exclusive “Molten Core” card back.


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