Remember When Twitch Played Pokémon? Now It’s Playing Halo!

It started innocently enough., the site where users can stream games online live for people to watch, did an experiment not too long ago that you may remember that was known simply as “Twitch Plays Pokémon”.

It was a simple stream of the original Pokémon Red that utilized IRC and a chat bot to allow users in the chat box to input commands and control the game.

The end result of that experiment was absolute hilarity. Even a game as simple to play as Pokémon Red becomes infinitely harder when you’re sharing the controls with 20,000 other people. Red would frequently get stuck wandering around, bumping into walls for hours at a time.

That experience was an absolute hoot. Twitch must have agreed, because the site decided to give it another try. The game in question this time?

Halo: Combat Evolved.

Yes, that means that there are thousands upon thousands of players fighting over Master Chief’s soul. Reports coming in from the stream are that players have spent an ungodly amount of time on the fringe corners of the map, staring at the sky and shooting at rocks and, most recently, are currently trying to cross a very narrow bridge. And they’ve been trying for hours.

Check out the stream below and don’t forget to check back frequently to see what Schizo-Chief is up to!

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysHalos on

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