Here’s a Trailer for the Marvel Zombies Movie We’ll Never Get to See

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been pretty far reaching in terms of its comic book influences (who would’ve thought we’d ever get a Guardians of the Galaxy movie!), but for a variety of reasons, many stories remain more or less unadaptable. Marvel Zombies is definitely one of those.

Luckily, for those pining for a peek at what an undead-infested MCU would look like, we’ve got this excellent fan interpretation:

The faux-trailer was created by Alex Luthor, who you might remember from that epic Marvel vs. DC mash-up last year.

Obviously he’s taken some liberties with the source material, which focused more on zombified superheroes who still retained their intelligence; but frankly, that story is just a bit too goofy to translate well to the MCU. His trailer meanwhile is a direction that a live-action Marvel Zombies movie might actually go with, so extra props there.

Sadly, if we were to ever see a real Marvel Zombies movie in theaters, it wouldn’t be for a very, very long time (Phase.. 20?), long after Robert Downey Jr. and crew have retired from the job. Luthor’s trailer is a pretty decent consolation prize though.

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