How Much Money Has Avengers: Age of Ultron Made so Far?

As if there were any question, Avengers: Age of Ultron is doing awesome and it hasn’t even been out for 24 hours here in the States.

To put it bluntly, Age of Ultron is making Marvel Studios a heaping, shit-ton of cash. Yes, shit-ton means a lot.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film’s midnight release reeled in a total of $27.6 million. That’s one night! Opening night! Midnight showings aren’t even available at every theater, so that’s super impressive.

Undoubtedly, Age of Ultron will continue to reel in cash through the weekend.

I have an appointment with the theater tomorrow, what about you guys? Anyone see it yet? Who got in to the midnight release last night? Who saw it earlier this week?

What About the International Earnings?

Of course, we’re getting the movie a few days late as you know already. Age of Ultron opened mid-week to about 26 other countries worldwide. According to ERC, the film earned a net total of $201.2 million.

In South Korea alone, Ultron set a record for the biggest opening day movie in the country with $28 million. That explains why part of the movie was filmed there I guess.

Some of the other numbers include $27 million in the UK, $16 million in Russia, $13 million in Brazil, $12 million in France, and $13 million in Australia. Holy shitballs.

What Movie Has the Record for the Best Opening Night?

Scarlet Qitch from Avengers Age of Ultron

Even with those numbers, Age of Ultron wasn’t able to dethrone the movie with the title of the best opening night, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. JK Rowling must be proud.

The final Harry Potter clocked in at $43.5 million, which is considerably more than Age of Ultron’s haul.

Still, Age of Ultron destroyed the record-breaking opening of its predecessor, which sat at a cool $18.7 million. I think it’s safe to say that Marvel is going to keep making movies for a while, including more Avengers titles.

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