The Star Wars Anthology Films We Want To See The Most

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a dream we never thought would be realized. However, the Anthology films are what will allow filmmakers to truly explore Star Wars in different time periods and genres. Starting with Rogue One, and possibly followed up by a Boba Fett film, the Star Wars cinematic experience is going to expand considerably. Given all the opportunities available we felt like taking a look at the films that we want (nay, need) to see the most.

Obi-Wan Kenobi


We’re putting this one right at the top, given that it’s so heavily rumored. Say what you will about the prequel trilogy, Ewan McGreggor as Obi-Wan Kenobi was one of its shining high points. He had just the right amount of Sir Alex Guinness in his performance all the while making the character his own. The world owes it to him to give his version of Obi-Wan a script and director worthy of his performance.

He’s the right age to be playing Obi-Wan during his Tatooine exile, which could make for some great western style adventures. Just think of a remake of Yojimbo (also remade as the western A Fistful of Dollars) starring Obi-Wan Kenobi. Or, better yet, settle the fate of Darth Maul as he tracks Obi-Wan to Tatooine and the two have one last epic lightsaber duel at dawn, which could be the basis of an entire Unforgiven type film. We’re on board either way.

Rogue Squadron


Rogue One may have Rogue Squadron in it, but we want a movie about the world of the fighter pilot. The Rogue Squadron books were so interesting because they got into the terminology, tactics, and life of living with danger as an elite X-Wing pilot. Plus, the dogfights and ship battles could be pretty incredible.

Jedi Academy


While we have little reason to believe Luke Skywalker established his Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, but following a group of young Jedi learning the Force in an era when the Jedi have all but fallen into legend is an interesting idea. While the Jedi Academy trilogy of books wasn’t the greatest, I, Jedi was a very solid book that would make the basis of a strong introduction to the Jedi Academy and a spin off from the Rogue Squadron films.

Ahsoka and Ventress


Ahsoka and Ventress made such a good pairing in the last few episodes of Clone Wars season 5, we think they could support a whole film. Think of it as the Thelma and Louise of Star Wars. Two fallen Jedi on the run after Order 66 with only their wits to keep them one step ahead of the Empire? Sign us up. We want to know what happened to Ventress before Ahsoka showed up as a member of the Rebellion in Star Wars: Rebels.

Shadows of the Empire


One of the best and most grounded stories of the old Expanded Universe, Lucas himself has said that if he had this story in the early 80s he would have turned it into a film. Set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, it follows Luke as he focuses on his Jedi training alone while dodging parties sent by both Darth Vader and his rival, the crime boss Prince Xizor. It manages to take the best aspects of both Empire and Jedi and turn them into a unique story that bridges the gap between the two episodes beautifully.

Obviously, the film couldn’t be live action… but what about a CG film? ILM has proven they’re the best of the best, so surely they can pull off a fairly convincing CG film in the style of a live action entry.

Knights of the Old Republic


While it doesn’t have to be an adaptation of the comics or games series, the era is so rich in potential it’s impossible to not be interested of a time when the galaxy was filled with thousands of Jedi and Sith. Please make it happen, Lucasfilm.

Are there any anthology films you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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