The Second Star Wars Anthology Film Could Star Han Solo and Boba Fett

It’s been a rumor for a long time that the second Star Wars Anthology movie would star Boba Fett. Even if that wasn’t the case, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has expressed interest in getting the popular bounty hunter back on the silver screen. Well, we’ve got some more hot coals to put in the fire, as Schmoesknow is reporting that not only does the Anthology follow up to Rogue One star Boba Fett… it also stars Han Solo.

How did they come by this rumor?

Well, it’s not necessarily a new rumor. Latino Review has also reported similar rumblings. However. According to Schmoesknow, Disney and Lucasfilm really want to get into the grittier aspects of Star Wars… or as Obi-Wan put it, the “hive of scum and villainy.” It seems the desire with this film is to give it the feeling of an old Western or bounty hunter film. So, think The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly meets Midnight Run and you might get an idea what they’re going for.

Boba Han

Any idea who’s going to replace Josh Trank?

Well, it’s also being reported that Jon Faverau and Matthew Vaughn, both fairly strong directors, are possibilities for the film.

Wouldn’t this mean they’d recast Han Solo?

Well, it’s doubtful they’d use Harrison Ford and de-age him with CGI. So, yes, that would mean recasting. On the one hand, recasting seems unlikely because Star Wars (until now anyway) has not been the type of franchise to recast over keeping the continuity of actors and their characters whenever possible.

over my dead body

However, the rumors of Han Solo appearing in an Anthology film have been very persistent. First, he was rumored to be part of the team (that would include Boba Fett) to steal the Death Star plans in Rogue One, though that’s looking less and less likely. With the rumors shifting to the second film putting Fett front and center, it makes sense to see the Han Solo rumors shift as well. Would the film explore their rivalry leading toward Fett’s hatred of Han Solo we see in The Empire Strikes Back? That’s the most likely case, but we’ll have to hear more before we’re certain. We have certainly heard stranger rumors about the new era of Star Wars films.

I'll bet you have

At the end of the day, they may just be rumors… but persistence like this usually means there’s some kind of kernel of truth. After all, the rumor that mercenaries and bounty hunters starring in Rogue One might have been wrong… but their objective of stealing the Death Star plans was right on the money. So take all of this with salt, but perhaps just a pinch less than you would have before.

Any other parts of the rumor?

Well, Schmoesknow is dropping hints that the third film will be spiritual in nature, which could very well mean we’ll get that Yoda film we’ve been hearing about for years. Nothing is confirmed, as these rumors are more like rumblings at this point… but we’ll keep our ear to the ground for more. After all, rumblings are a lot different than a full blown rumor epidemic…


… or not.

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