Captain America: Civil War – Which Characters Are Confirmed? UPDATED!

Did you think Avengers: Age of Ultron had a massive cast? You aint seen nothing yet.

Marvel has confirmed the official cast list for Captain America: Civil War, and it is huuuge (and we don’t even know if there will be any surprise cameos yet). Here’s everyone that’s officially on the roster for this crossover event, although it’s worth noting that Spider-Man will more than likely end up here in some form, he’s just not part of the announcement because an actor hasn’t been cast yet.

Steve Rogers / Captain America

captain america age of ultron

In the aftermath of Age of Ultron, Captain America is leading a new team of Avengers. After an international incident results in collateral damage though, the government mandates a system of accountability and oversight, one that will determine when and where the Avengers are deployed. This new policy splits the team in two, all while a “new and nefarious villain” emerges.

Tony Stark / Iron Man

age of ultron spot 3 tony stark

Captain America will be against government oversight of his superhero team. Opposing him will be a team led by Tony Stark. Shaken by his involvement in the Ultron incident, Stark apparently has a change of heart, and believes that the only way the Avengers can safely exist is if they’re accountable to the people they’re trying to protect. While this is ostensibly a “Captain America movie,” expect Iron Man to play a significant role.

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

black widow scarjo

The last we saw of Black Widow, she was Captain America’s #2 on the New Avengers team. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be on Cap’s side when the Civil War begins, but the events of The Winter Soldier probably gave her a pretty good reason not to trust big, bureaucratic authorities.

Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier

winter soldier

Captain America and the Falcon have been on the hunt for Bucky, without much luck. The “Winter Soldier” will turn up in Civil War though, although it’s not clear what role he’ll play. Fingers crossed for Bucky and Steve to get a chance to fight side-by-side again.

Sam Wilson / Falcon

falcon marvel

The Falcon might be the Hawkeye of the New Avengers team, but we still love him. Expect Captain America to find a strong ally in this guy.

Clint Barton / Hawkeye

Speaking of Hawkeye, Clint Barton appeared to have retired at the end of Age of Ultron, but I guess you can’t keep an Avenger out of the fight, especially when his former teammates are involved.

The Vision

Whichever side the Vision is on is going to have a pretty lopsided advantage. That is, if he chooses a side at all (maybe none of them are worthy, maybe only elevator is worthy).

Jim Rhodes / War Machine


War Machine got a little time to shine in Age of Ultron, and as Tony Stark’s oldest friend, he’ll likely be suiting up once more. Rhodes is in a particularly awkward spot though, considering he’s a member of both the Avengers and (we assume) still an Air Force officer. That means choosing between his new comrades and his old friends, although ultimately I think he’s going to have Iron Man’s back on this one.

Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

scarlet witch

Scarlet Witch’s powers aren’t particularly well-defined, but we do know that they’re extremely potent. Given that Cap’s Avengers are her only real family now (and the bad, bad blood between her and the Stark name), it seems likely that Steve Rogers has recruited a formidable ally for the coming battle.

T’Challa / Black Panther


Wakanda got a ton of name-dropping in Age of Ultron, but we’ll finally see what all the fuss is about when the king himself, T’Challa, finally emerges for Civil War. Could the “international incident” that propels the movie happen in Wakanda? That would certainly be one way to get this mysterious figure involved.

Sharon Carter / Agent 13

Sharon Carter

Agent 13 is back, and more importantly, the press release officially designates her as a “Carter,” something that was left intentionally vague in The Winter Soldier. How is she related to Peggy Carter (is she her niece like in the comics?), and what effect will this discovery have on Steve Rogers?

Baron Zemo

Daniel Bruhl with Zemo mask

We don’t know a lot about Zemo, other than that he’s a bad dude. If the film is taking its cues from the comics though, it’s likely that Zemo has heavy ties to Red Skull himself, and he may even be the “new and nefarious villain” the press release is referring to.

Brock Rumlow / Crossbones

brock rumlow burned

Brock Rumlow took a beating when a Helicarrier fell on him in The Winter Soldier, but he managed to survive. As a former HYDRA sleeper agent, Rumlow will undoubtedly be taking on a villainous role in this film, donning his Crossbones alter-ego from the comics. Crossbones also played a huge role in one of the Civil War comic book’s most iconic panels, so if that’s why they’re bringing him back, prepare for what could be the movie mic-drop moment of 2016.

General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross

thunderbolt ross william hurt

Finally! No one wants to remember The Incredible Hulk, I get it, but how can we go this long without the slightest bit of recognition for the fact that the guy who is obsessed with hunting down the Hulk is probably still obsessed with hunting down the Hulk. I mean, give this guy an Agents of SHIELD name-drop at the very least. Well for whatever reason, “Thunderbolt” Ross will be returning. Does this hint towards a surprise Hulk appearance as well?

Martin Freeman as… Someone

Martin Freeman in Fargo the TV series

Finally, Martin Freeman was recently cast as… someone. We honestly have no clues as to who he’ll be playing. Fingers crossed for a Hobbit crossover.

Update: Scott Lang / Ant-Man

Marvel's Ant-Man..Conceptual Film Test Stills/Artwork..?Marvel 2015..
Marvel’s Ant-Man..Conceptual Film Test Stills/Artwork..?Marvel 2015..

Ant-Man wasn’t confirmed in the official announcement, but multiple sources are reporting that the character will be making an appearance in Civil War!


Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.

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