How to Make Your Own Groot Costume for Just $50

Looking to cosplay as Groot on a budget? Well Redditor Tylernator has you covered with this costume, which is surprisingly awesome looking considering he made it with only about $50 worth of materials.

Here’s how his budget broke down:

Final Budget:
Bags/Bars/twigs: Free
Hot Glue:$10
Old Hoodie from Goodwill:$3
Preserved Moss:$3
Paints: About $30 (I had some already)

As you can see, almost all of these materials are not only cheap, but pretty easy to find at most craft stores. The paint seems to be the most expensive bit, but at $30, it’s not about to break the bank.


The head was constructed using the chicken wire underneath a paper template, held together by duct tape. He then added cardboard and paper mâché, before applying paint to get the color right. Finally, some actual sticks, bark, and moss completed the Groot-y look.

You can check out the costume in progress below, as well as his entire process on Imgur, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to build a kick-ass Groot costume of your own.





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