Iconic Worlds: A VR Trip Into The Landscape Of Majora’s Mask

If you haven’t heard about Iconic Worlds yet, you may be missing out on a truly wonderful VR experience.

Legend of Zelda fans may remember the fan trailer from 2012, showing off what an HD Majora’s Mask remake would look like.

While a full on remake still doesn’t seem to be in the cards, artists Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martínez Odewill, who created the trailer, and their team are still committed to creating something more.

What is Iconic Worlds?

Iconic Worlds 1

Iconic Worlds is a virtual reality experience that will allow players to step into the team’s past projects, including the Majora’s Mask trailer. The whole concept started way back in 2005. Just before the initial announcement of the Nintendo Wii, Belmonte and Odewill released a hoax video called “Nintendo ON”, a video that claimed that Nintendo’s next big console would be an advanced virtual reality headset.

Even though the Wii more or less shot down the Nintendo ON as a hoax (and Nintendo’s past experience with the disastrous Virtual Boy experiment notwithstanding), the Nintendo ON ended up being pretty close to what today’s VR headsets, like the Oculus Rift, entail.

So, what will we be able to do in Iconic Worlds?


The dev team, known as hiPolygon, is going to be using the Oculus Rift to create explorable 3D environments based on the work they’ve done in the past. There isn’t much info yet on how players will be able to interact with the environments but the team has promised more information in future updates.

For now, we can tell you that hiPolygon has confirmed two different environments will be included in the Iconic Worlds project: A world based on their Matrix parody and the previously mentioned exploration of the Majora’s Mask trailer.

Will there be other environments in the future?

jurassic iconic worlds

hiPolygon has said that other original environments will be included in the project and has designated these as “Volume 1”, meaning that more environments may be announced with future volumes.

Information on the release of Iconic Worlds is unknown at the time, and a lot of that may have to do with the Oculus Rift still not being readily available to consumers yet.

Is there a trailer we can watch?

There most certainly is.

What do you guys think? Are you excited at the idea of jumping into a VR world based on Majora’s Mask? Let us know down in the comments section.

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